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I'm 37 years old. Ive had back pain and pain all over for six years. I tried pain pills, acupuncture, chiropractic, etc. Nothing helped. In short, I've been told I'm making it up. I got very depressed and was just going to deal with it. I'm sick of doctors!

I bought Z-CoiL shoes on 12/26/2006. I was very skeptical, but I didn't have anything more to lose. I had lost money missing work because I couldn't walk, get out of bed, or move in the shower. I lost money on medical co-payments, chiropractic, and pills that made me sick to my stomach.

Now, even though I stand on cement 10 hours a day, the pain between my shoulders is gone. The hip pain and body aches are all but gone. If you're at your last straw, please, at least try them!


El Cajon,  CA   

I was not kind to my body when I was young. Football, Army Airborne, and other things I did that really beat my body up. I have had to replace both knees and my hips are not the best in the world.

My buddy Don showed up one day wearing Z-CoiL shoes. He told me about them, so I figured what the heck, I'll give them a try. This past Saturday I went to Sweet Feet in Atlanta and bought a pair. I'm really sold. I've been showing them to all my friends, especially the guys who were in the military and jumped out of planes. I recommend Z-CoiL shoes to anyone who wants an easier path to tread.


Alvaton,  GA   

I am writing to express my delight with my Sidewinder sandals. It is such a joy to be able to stand for long periods of time and to walk effortlessly as long as I please without pain or fatigue. I also find that at age 73, hip and back discomfort has lessened due, I believe, to the improvement in my posture. I am more erect and in general have MORE BOUNCE TO THE OUNCE!

The customer service at Total Relief Footwear in Austin is outstanding, and I am very impressed with the expertise and professionalism with which my clogs were fitted to accommodate my particular problem, i.e., hammertoes and a bunion.

I am an ardent fan of Z-CoiL shoes. They certainly work for me.


Austin,  TX   United States

My Z-CoiL story began when I was 43 (I'm now 45). My husband and I had decided I MUST go back to work full-time. (I'd been a stay-at-home-mom for 10 years.) I wanted to start a new career, since my secretarial skills were pretty outdated. After much research and prayer, I decided to go to Cosmetology School and become a hairdresser.

One-and-a-half years later, with only six months to go before graduation, I began to have a lot of hip pain. It increased so fast that one day, when my foot felt numb, I went to the ER because I was so sure that this could not be the arthritis the doctor had indicated was in my hips. However, the ER doctor told me it WAS. I started seeing a lot of different doctors after that and the pain got worse every week. I continued to go to school plus working 20 hours a week as a shampoo girl, but I knew I couldn't keep it up and I was scared.

I had heard about Z-CoiL shoes from a customer at the salon. I will never, in all my life, forget how I practically crawled out of the car that day in front of the Z-CoiL store. I remember I had to grab my thigh and lift my foot up the curb. Just a little while later, my eyes were filled with tears of joy because I had a new hope that I would be able to finish my schooling and keep my job. And I did. Because of Z-CoiL shoes alone, I was able to hold off on my operation for eight months! And Clare and Ellen Bushman [at the Southfield Z-CoiL store] were soooo wonderful! The whole experience at the store was very enjoyable. I tell everyone it's fun just to go get fitted for the shoes. And I have had at least four people go and buy a pair on my referral.


P.S. Unfortunately, my other hip is also deteriorating (degenerative arthritis), but I know wearing my Z-CoiL shoes is a huge part of the reason it is happening much slower and I will be able to hold off on any operation for years this time. Which is more of a blessing for my family than I can tell you. Thank you again. I continue to share my story with my nursing friends and many elderly people I work with and I CONTINUE TO LOVE MY Z-COIL SHOES!


St. Clair Shores,  MI   USA

Having been athletic in the "good ol days," daily pain in my hips had become unbearable because of sciatica. I started to avoid walking and standing for long periods or distances and basically just became inactive for the last five years at least. I purchased my Z-CoiL shoes in August 2006 before a two-week vacation on the mainland, during which we walked everywhere. A true test for the shoes. I now truly LOVE THEM and plan to throw out ALL my old shoes and purchase the Sidewinder Sandals to complete my shoe inventory of two pairs! I no longer have any hip pain!! And I can now include healthy walks for exercise without fear of pain!! I cant thank you enough for this invention.


Waipahu,  HI   USA

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